Monday, 14 April 2014

A Scrapbook Post

Dear Reader

Wishing you a Happy April Full Moon.

This post pulls together some of the bits and pieces I've been involved with from the last couple of weeks, and so forms a kind of scrapbook, which seems like a sweet idea to me. I always loved making scrapbooks as a kid, and even now my notebooks often have bits and pieces pasted and wedged into them.

I hope you are very well and that life is being kind with you.



Tell me muse the lies of the gods.
Tell me about the thing that people call love,
which is not love at all.
The coward would die for the gods,
for his country, but he will not live for life.

I was commissioned to write three poems based on classic world love stories for Love Beyond Measure which centres around the ancient Indian love story of Sohni & Mahiwal. Those of you who follow my work more closely will have seen my full telling of the Sonhi Mahiwal legend in verse in a couple of literary journals recently. The excerpt above is from my take on Dido and Aeneas. All three poems will appear on the Love Beyond Measure digital platform when it launches at the end of the month.


A video celebrating our rebirth in the new light. Casting off of the old pain of the past as we move though life by becoming, embracing change, daring to live our highest truths, and loving ourselves and each other.

You might care to nominate yours truly for a couple of categories in the Saboteur Awards


Set List From Stamford Verse Festival

Thank you to the wonderful audience and staff at Stamford Arts Centre for hosting my One Man Show on Saturday Evening as part of Stamford Verse Festival. There really was magic in the air, you really are marvellous lovely people.

Gratitude from the bottom of my heart 


I Was on BBC Radio Lincs last thursday talking to the lovely Nicola Gilroy about my work and the reading at Stamford. Here is the BBC iPlayer link. 

The interview starts at about 1hr 8 mins and is in two parts.

Walking my favourite path above Hebden Bridge


I gave a lecture on poetics and my own work last week at York St. John University, and when I got home one of the students who had attended had sent me this poem about erm.. me..

Thought I'd share with you and give thanks for the ripples that connect us all, though we may not see them, and for the kindness and generosity of strangers. We never really how  our lives, or work, touch others.


He said
he was not a writer.
He said
he was a reader,
and now
he was so full of words
they leaked out through his fingers
dancing upon a keyboard.
They leaked out through the ink
of his pen.
And if they fell again as rain
onto just one person
whose life would otherwise be spent
parched within a desert,
he would be happy
to continue reading.

by Mick Lynch 2014

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mother's Day - When You Are The Child of An Unloving Mother.

A poem for Mother's Day, reflecting on the love and difficulty of being the adult child of an unloving parent. Perhaps a difficult and taboo subject, certainly something that society the world over doesn't admit to much, if ever. The lengths we adult children go to in order to try to connect lovingly with the people who birthed us, but who were not there in the ways we needed them because of their violence, and/or their 'victor or victim' ideas of life.

This clip of my poem Cheap Moisturiser was filmed to raise funds for the charity Oxfam and features a version of me who used to wear earrings, the poem originally appeared in my first book The Prize, which was published by The Rialto. If you would like to read the text of the poem it is here on Poetry International.

I dedicate this piece today to anyone who has plumbed the depths of unconditional love within themselves, while trying to build bridges with a distant parent.

May we all connect to the true source of love inside ourselves, and may we all have people around us who can actually love us for the human beings we are.



Here is a piece by my non-biological sister Verena Kirchen on the very difficult subject of cutting off from Toxic Parents.

...and for those of you who wish for some healing in your lives around this stuff here are two books which I recommend very highly. Susan Forward's 'Toxic Parents' and Dr. Margaret Paul's 'Healing Your Aloneness.'

If you need a little joy and to see some real love, here is a gorgeous little film about a boy and his dog.. and his wonderful parents..

Friday, 28 March 2014

How To Love Yourself? - A Meditation For Difficult Thoughts & Feelings

I was asked by someone I love for a meditation to help with difficult thoughts & feelings, so I improvised this 20 minute practice for her, and recorded it so that she could use it when needed. She suggested I share it via youtube for others who may need another human voice to help them return home to their own being in tricky times. 

Please begin by sitting or lying down comfortably. The meditation lasts for 20 minutes, and is punctuated by bells every 5 minutes to help keep you present. The final section is silent, ending with a bell.

If You Enjoy This Video Please Share on Your Facebook & Twitter etc... and subscribe to this channel & give it a thumbs up on Youtube etc. Please remember that you were made to be you, no one else can take your place on this earth ever.

Friday, 21 March 2014

World Poetry Day

Read a poem out loud
Share a poem with a friend
Listen to a poem
Write a poem
Buy a poetry book
Find a poem in everything you see.


Here's THIRST from myself and Julia Kent, to turn you on to some words and your own life.


Saturday, 8 March 2014

When You Actually Wake Up To Your Soul, How Can You Go Back?

Hebden Water

Dear Readers 
Below is an excerpt from my most recent newsletter to my mailing list, which is kind of like an 'insider's club' for readers of my books etc. I wanted to share it here as it has been such a period of genuine change for me, and I thought that some of this might resonate for you. 
You can download the complete version of the current newsletter here. 
If you'd like to sign up to receive it direct to your inbox, there is a sign up form in the Etc. Section on the lefthand side of this blog.

With love

I hope this letter finds you very well and happy. It has been a long gap since the last newsletter, and so much has changed for me in this time, that I am still in the process of allowing the outer aspects of my being to align with my new (true) current. Something has woken up in me, and it is about living authentically, allowing real love to shine through, and living in a genuinely conscious connected way with my true spirit. I know that few people talk about this stuff, but I know and trust that many of you do understand what I’m talking about. It really does feel like there is a spiritual change going on right now. Perhaps the pressure of the current craziness, this time of make or break, is bringing some of us out of our sleep. 
I know now that it is impossible for me to continue to join in with the accepted ways of doing things, the schemes and processes that serve the earth and humanity so badly. However I am not running away, or opting out; I am opting in - to life. We cannot, in reality, do a thing to change another person, but we can change everything for ourselves by authentically living our own lives with attention, joy and presence. Change will then happen around us, as the world becomes better for our light shining out. For me now, living authentically is much more important than anything else. 
Writing wise, there will be more books from me, in fact I’m well on the way with a new poetry manuscript. There is a strong possibility that I will write a novel soon, as I’ve recently had a huge flash of inspiration, and there is such a strong energy in the story… Anyway that’s what’s going on. I just want to bring you up to speed, and to also wish you basic human love and all good things. With gratitude
Things I'm reading: The Snows of Kilimanjaro – Ernest Hemingway, A Dark Dreambox of Another Kind – Alfred Starr Hamilton, A New Earth – Eckhart Tolle

..and if have never seen the video below before... I find this deeply profound and moving. Perhaps the only thing stopping us from experiencing the loving vibration of the universe (I tend to say God for short) is our own clinging through fear and determination to prove we are separate, when we are not.

...and a little music that seems to suit the theme...

Monday, 3 March 2014

Whirlpool - 'It rains hard all night, we stay up to be alone together...'

'It rains hard all night, we stay up to be alone together...' 
Whirlpool is one of four new poems, which will be first published in The Interpreter's House magazine this Spring. They asked me if I would be the featured poet for this issue, which made me very happy.

If you enjoy this poem please share it on your social media platforms and websites.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Sadness of Finishing a Notebook

Finishing one notebook & starting the next, there is always a slight pain in the heart when moving on. Have recorded so much life in the one just ending, the lives of others, and this life which is my own adventure. I give each notebook a title when they are done, this last one is called A Revolutionary Act of Love.

I have found myself in so many places in the world, yet wherever I am, as long as I have my notebook and a pen, I am home. Perhaps the sadness I feel when closing one volume to move on to the next, is somewhat akin to saying goodbye to a friend or lover after a wonderful visit, where you have shared yourselves very openly. These journals are dangerous, they contain unedited life. Yes, it seems living and loving are indeed revolutionary acts.